Board Member Jennifer Walker’s two sisters, Betsy Walker Lamond and Louise Walker Rose have made the commitment to sponsor the two girls, Sunmaya Ghale and Sunmaya Gurung, covering their cost retroactively and providing for an additional four months, also paying for the gift of a sewing machine upon their graduation. For only $60 per month […]

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Once the deposit had been provided and the contract signed, JHF was ready to move in. In March, we loaded up the jeep and began moving in mattresses, tables, chairs, and other furniture to prepare for the first class of women to move in and begin. We were moving forward on a hope and a […]

In April 2013 our hopes and trust were realized! The first JHF gala  was a huge success! Thanks to Bill Veen  who provided his glorious home for the venue, all the artists who entertained, the Taste of the Himalayas in Sausalito and Red Robin of Larkspur, California catered the event, scores of hard-working volunteers, and […]

No More Blackouts July 2013

One Gala guest donated full payment for solar panels which were purchased in July 2013.  Now the girls have enough electricity so that light and appliances can be supported without interruption.

Paddy Day July 2013

The girls also enjoy other activities.  On the festival of ASAR 15, which is a traditional Nepali holiday marking the beginning of the rice planting season, the girls took the day off to play in the rice fields. On this day, which falls in the third month of the Nepali calendar and is also called […]

At the Kathmandu Shelter, the six girls have begun their sewing classes. With five sewing machines, the girls work in teams so that everyone has enough practice time. At first they were a little nervous – they had to learn how to manage the machines and then how to use them to create clothing from […]

Here is the new school for the JHF sewing classes. The school also houses five girls. The JHF team in Katmandu found the rental building after many months of searching for the perfect space. JHF needed a place in a safe neighborhood that would offer an uplifting environment for the girls. We needed enough room […]

Sex Trafficking Nepal

While in Nepal, I documented sex trafficking. I was forewarned that it would be very difficult for me to work safely within this hidden industry. Beneath the very alive streets of Kathmandu lie some hidden sex lairs called cabin restaurants. I was escorted down a narrow passage of stairs leading to the fluorescent-lit cabins by […]