Paddy Day July 2013

Paddy Day

JHF students play in the fields on the traditional Nepali holiday of Paddy Day

The girls also enjoy other activities.  On the festival of ASAR 15, which is a traditional Nepali holiday marking the beginning of the rice planting season, the girls took the day off to play in the rice fields. On this day, which falls in the third month of the Nepali calendar and is also called “Paddy Day,” families and friends go into the rice fields or “rice paddies” and prepare them for planting the rice. They plow the fields and build little mini-dams to provide the water for the rice paddies. Despite the purpose to prepare the fields, the holiday is meant to be a day of fun and play in the mud, so even children participate.  The festival has grown so that it is celebrated throughout Nepal, and even in the cities – with music, dancing, events, and the traditional meal of Nepali beaten rice, peas, yoghurt, and mixed curry.


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