Board Member Jennifer Walker’s two sisters, Betsy Walker Lamond and Louise Walker Rose have made the commitment to sponsor the two girls, Sunmaya Ghale and Sunmaya Gurung, covering their cost retroactively and providing for an additional four months, also paying for the gift of a sewing machine upon their graduation.

For only $60 per month for 12 months, or $720, you can sponsor one young woman to stay at the school, complete the sewing course, and receive initial support to find her first job. Kathy Bass has just joined the JHF community and will sponsor another girl.  Thank you Kathy!  We invite you to join Kathy and sponsor one young woman by completing the sponsorship form. You will receive update emails on the girl you sponsored and even an email sent from her.

Hank and Louise

Sunmaya Ghale and Sunmaya Gurung


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