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Sunita Ghale

Sunita Ghale

Sunita Ghale

Sunita Ghale’s hardships began when she was 15 years old. Her mother committed suicide and her father remarried immediately after her mother’s funeral. Sunita was the oldest child in her family, and her stepmother would verbally and physically abuse her, accusing her of not doing her chores. She was not given any books or stationery for school. She sold items to street traders to earn money for school. When she was 16, a woman from her village, who worked in Kathmandu, saw the family situation and began to persuade Sunita to come to Kathmandu with her.

Sunita was so excited about her new life and did not understand what she was getting into. The woman ran a massage parlor in the tourist district of Thamel, and she made Sunita assist without pay. After 18 months working at the parlor, she left the job. Suspect job brokers attempted to persuade her go to India for work. She fortunately sought counseling with the Sakti Group and the metro police. The police contacted Journey Home Foundation, and she is now at our shelter. We are urging her to continue school and participate in our vocational training sessions. For her educational support we need $190 per month for a two-year program.








Pun Maya Garung

Pun Maya Garung

Pun Maya Garung

Pun Maya Gurung, is an 18-year-old girl from Salleri Village in the eastern part of the Dhading District. She was rescued from Birgunj near the Indian border; her story was questionable. After two days she trusted us enough to share the truth. The India border is an easy way to enter the gulf countries illegally. She had found a “broker” in Birguni City, who promised to facilitate her illegal crossing for money. She gave the money to the broker, but unfortunately, the broker disappeared with it. She filed two complaints with the police in Nepal, but neither the man nor her money were found. She is alone, desperate, and has no idea what she will do next. She has been taken in by her grandparents temporarily, but her hope is to continue her education. We (Journey Home Foundation) are searching for a sponsor who could fund her for two years. She will then have completed 12th grade. That will, hopefully, provide her with a good job here in Nepal. It will save her from the risk of seeking dangerous foreign employment to survive. To support her education, we need $190 per month for two-year scholarship program. A donation of $80 per month will cover two meals a day at the shelter, the school provides lunch and tea. The girls also need blankets, swimsuits, rain gear and other miscellaneous clothing. Every dollar helps. $10.00 will provide a pair of shoes. Many of our graduates now have their own businesses.





Journey Home Foundation 2013

Journey Home Foundation 2013

In Nepal it is rare that a girl will be afforded the privilege of an education, many are sold into bonded servitude as early as 6 years old. Help us educate the girls of Nepal.

The Dalits, or “untouchable”, children typically end up in factories or are sold to become domestic servants.  Sex traffickers often open temporary employment offices in small villages to lure the frightened and vulnerable girls into sex slavery. They are told they will become household servants in the middle east. Many young girls dropped in the city to find work are often watched and then kidnapped or recruited under false pretense to join a group traveling over the border to work abroad. Over 200,000  girls like those at our shelter are taken from Nepal each year in to the sex trade.  Many are sold by family members for as little as $50. USD.

Our goal is to raise funds to clothe, feed and  shelter vulnerable girls and women and to provide additional years of school of vocational training.  For those who have not completed education in the regular school system,  the cost is $960 a year for tuition, books and shelter at Journey Home Foundation. Chin Maya just 13 has found a sponsor through JHF for her schooling.

In 2014 you can sponsor one of our 13 shelter residents to live and attend vocational school for a total of $850  for 9 months of training.

Any donation will help. Please consider donating now to help one of these girls or women. Consider a monthly contribution or an annual sponsorship.  Thank you for your great hearts and your continued support. We will keep you informed.



The Girls and Their Sponsors





























Pas Maya Gurung











SPONSORED Pas Maya, age 25 was sponsored for culinary school training and shelter by Jennifer Walker.  She has three family members, the parents have passed away. Pas Maya was working as a maid but has elected to join Journey Home Foundation in Nepal for training. UPDATE: Pas Maya Garung has opened her own shop in the village. Thank you for your generous donations!


Maya Gurung   maya(2)_crop


Maya Gurung, aged 25, was living at the shelter and pursuing training in the Kathmandu Cosmetology School. Maya is from the Chitwad District, which is located in the southern plains of Nepal. During talks between our local volunteer and Maya, the team at JHF found out that Maya had quit school and had come to the town of Chitwan to search for employment. She was met by some foreign recruiters and was planning to go abroad with them. The JHF volunteer urged Maya not to risk the dangers that were often waiting for young women who accepted these offers. The JHF volunteer local gave Maya the option to stay in Nepal and enroll in the Cosmetology School so she could find work as a hair dresser or a beautician. Maya agreed to try, and JHF provided her with shelter and training. Maya’s skills improved every day… and so did her self-confidence. Maya finished her 9 month training, and JHF helped her to find a job where she used her new skills. If our help can support Maya, yours can help others like her. A small donation can make a big difference in someone’s life. Please contribute to JHF.



Bishani Gurung

Bishani Gurung, aged 24, received vocational training as a tailor. She is from the Gorkha District of Nepal. Bishani is the eldest child  of four. She left her village two years ago to find employment. She traveled on foot  from city to city, going to Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and others, but she was unable to find work. Fortunately, Bishani did not fall prey to foreign trafficking agents. Instead she met with a volunteer from JHF Nepal who was in Pokhara. After hearing her story, our volunteer promised her a good training opportunity and brought her to the JHF shelter to begin courses in tailoring. After finishing her training, Bishani started her own business as a Tailor. She is improving her skills through daily practice and study. Your donation of $850 USD will provide shelter, meals and medical to help Bishani to finish the nine month program. Upon graduation, your contributions also provided her with a new sewing machine so she can either begin working as a tailor or open her own shop.


Kumari Gurung

SPONSORED  Kumari Gurung, aged 19, received vocational training as tailor. She is sponsored by Suzanne Angela Dicker of New Jersey. We are very grateful towards Suzanne for her kind support. Kumari received training and learned whole-heartedly. She enrolled in a school at grade 8 in Kathmandu because she wanted to continue her education. She had stopped her education two years ago due to weak financial condition of her family. But now, she has got the self confidence that she can go to school and be educated as well as receive tailoring training. And from our orientation and suggestions she now knows that education along with tailoring is a great combination. If she receives only training, then she will only be able to do simple tailoring… but if she is educated as well, she will make her own designs and present them to the world.
Bishnu Gurung









Bishnu, age 20. Eight family members, of which  six are daughters.

From the village Laprak – 6, Gorkha.

Bishnu had chosen to study at a cosmetology school and receive her certificate to work as an aestheticism and skin care specialist. She hoped for sponsorship to begin her stay at the shelter and “the journey home” as a career woman. UPDATE: Bishnu Garung has opened her own shop in the village. Thank you for your generous donations!


jhf chin maya back in school


SPONSORED for school & shelter by JHF USA  board member, Jennifer Walker, in March 2014      ABOVE: Chin Maya studied at the JHF shelter after school.

Chin Maya, age 13. Nine family members, of which seven are daughters.

Chin Maya was taken out of school to support her family. Being the eldest, it was expected that she support the family by going to work abroad as a domestic servant or through other labor. She was at high risk of being sold or trafficked to foreign countries. Her wish was to study and complete six more years of school. She lived in our shelter and attended school in Kathmandu. When she finishes her six years of school she can return to her village and start a business. The school in Kathmandu is teaching Chin Maya English so she can work in a variety of fields. Chin Maya has received a scholarship to college in Japan.

Samichhya        jhf 2014 girls cutting  cloth
SPONSORED by Jannick Pitot of California
Samichhya Age 16 studying Sewing & Tailoring
Samichhya and her sister Nisha were informed about our organization and began a trek to the Journey Home Foundation to live and study. While they were traveling their mother passed away and Nisha returned home to care for her father. She encouraged her younger sister to continue on and to pursue a career.  Their plight was shared in the US on Facebook and a woman; living in California, read about the two girls and graciously offered to support Samichhya during her studies.  She will received instruction in sewing, clothing design and in machine repair and maintenance. Her happiness shines in this photo taken soon after she arrived.
Sima Ghale 18 years old studying Sewing & Tailoring
Sima was planning to go to the middle east in search of work and was vulnerable to traffickers. She had not passed the examinations that students must complete to continue her studies and needed income. Coming from a poor family she too was facing limited options. Her father consulted JHF to ask if his daughter might live at JHF and attend the course for Tailors. Her father, like many in the poorest areas of Katmandu had heard that JHF offers training to girls and helps them to reach a goal of self-sufficiency and financial security. Fortunately with the help of drawings from the US our shelter had welded together bunk beds and could now accept twice as many girls as before. JHF accepted Sima as a new student in April 2014. UPDATE: Sima Ghale has gone back to her village after completing her vocational training.
sunishaghale                   Sunisha crafting hats for the market
SPONSORED May 2014 by 2013 Sponsors Hank and Louise Rose of Wilmington N.C. 
Sunisha Ghale 18 years old will return to school and stay with JHF to study Sewing & Tailoring
Like many teenagers in the small villages of Nepal, Sunisha was persuaded by traffickers to leave school and travel abroad to earn a living. Our prevention team met her on our trek to Gorkha. She intended to get a passport there and join up with the suspect recruiters to cross the border into India. We were able to educate her about the dangers of going with the men. We offered her both a place to stay and a full 9 month course in Tailoring. She canceled the foreign employment plan after our consultation and began her stay with The Journey Home Foundation in April 2014. After settling in Sunisha wanted to complete school and arrangements were made May 8, 2014 for her to both continue her education and take our vocational course at the shelter.
Som Maya Gurung 17 years old studying Sewing & Tailoring
As the oldest of several children in a farming family, Som Maya raised her brothers and sisters while her parents worked in the field. As her siblings grew more capable, she made plans to work abroad hoping to send money back to her family. Indra shared her experience with Som Maya and encouraged her to join her at the Journey Home Shelter and School in Kathmandu. She returned home in 9 months with a new sewing machine and begin to earn a living designing and making clothing for her village. UPDATE: Som Maya Gurung has gone back to her village after completing her vocational training.
Xani Gurung 19 years studying Sewing & Tailoring
Xani is the eldest of 4 daughters. She studied till grade 5 but her family could not afford to pay for continued education. Her parents forced her to seek employment in Arabian countries. Fortunately our prevention team had visited many of the villages in her area and her father eventually learned that The JHF organization provided shelter, meals and vocational training. He contacted our outreach staff and took home information regarding our organization. We were happy to learn that he changed his mind and sent Xani on to our group in Kathmandu. She began training with us in April 2014.
Indra Maya Ghale 17 years old studying Sewing & Tailoring April 2014 Classes
Indra Maya had known only only hardship since she was a young child of four. It was that year that her mother left. Her new stepmother put Indra Maya to work as a baby-sitter for her own toddler and as the cook and cleaner for the household. She could no longer take the beatings and abuse that came with the new mother, eventually she found herself homeless and in need of shelter. Discovered at the passport office in Gorkha by Journey Home volunteers; Indra Maya now stays at the JHF shelter, and has begun her studies to become a Tailor. She has joined seven other girls in the class, where they studied clothing design, practiced their new-found skills by creating school uniforms, and visited some of the cloth vendors in the city. Now Indra Maya has a future and dreams. UPDATE: Indra Maya Ghale has gone back to her village after completing her vocational training.