How To Make A Difference

Your generosity
will go far,
and no amount
of time or donation
is too small.

♦  Make an online, or by mail, pledge to the foundation or to sponsor a girl.
(Please advise us if you wish your pledge to be one-time or recurring
monthly, bi-monthly or bi-yearly.)

♦  Plan a Fundraiser at your home.

♦  Donate Stock.

♦  Donate Real Estate.

♦  Run a marathon.

♦  Charity yard sale.

♦  Craft fair.

♦  Sign up for a trek in Nepal.

♦  Form a club at your child’s school.

♦  Form a club at your church.

♦  Hold a charity golf tournament.

♦  Hold a charity tennis tournament.

♦  At birthday parties, have guests make a donation in lieu of gifts.

♦  Make a JHF a beneficiary through your will, trust or life insurance.

♦  Help us gain sponsors. Ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor activities.

♦  Get your children involved in helping other children; hold a bake sale or lemonade stand.